Get the best Tools, Books, and Gloves to make your gardening better.

Here’s our top list of great resources for beginner, intermediate and expert gardeners. The gardening tools and garden books linked here are the ones we use every day in our landscaping business. You can easily order them online through Amazon by clicking on the individual image. Enjoy and please send us your feedback!


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Felco 2 The Classic Secateurs. Sturdy, long lasting, well-built. These by-pass pruners are a must for any gardener. Felco’s come with a handy tool to take them apart for easy cleaning and sharpening. Used by professional landscapers worldwide. I’ve had mine for 12 years and love them to bits. Worth the investment.
 ARS Shears. These hedging shears are really light, sharp and do a great job. The blades are just the right size to get into tight spots and round out your shrubs. Did I mention how light these are? This makes a big difference to your ability to handle the tool as well as being able to hold them for extended periods while shaping small hedges and shrubs. Made in Japan. Top quality.


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 Brian Minter’s ‘New Gardening Guide’ contains a vast amount of knowledge about plants. Minter’s recommendations  on flowering plants and fruits and vegatable varieties are readily accessible in this terrific book. I refer to it all the time when selecting plants for a garden design, or for troubleshooting plant problems. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks to my mother-in-law for this great gift she gave me several years ago!

 ‘Pruning and Training Plants’ is an indispensable book for beginner or advanced gardeners alike. The information is clear and well organized. The illustrations clearly show where to make pruning cuts for all different types of plants including vines, fruit trees, roses, hedges and more. This was one of the required texts for my horticulture training course, and one of the books that I’ve kept and used for many years.


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 Atlas Fit Gloves are the garden standard. If you are just going to have one pair of gloves to use in all seasons, these are the ones. These are durable and comfortable and I always have a pair with me in my gardening bag.

 Atlas Nitrile Gloves. Great for summer gardening, these gloves are light and thin. You can feel what you are doing and they are not too hot for when temperatures are high.

  Atlas Rubber lined gloves. Best Gloves for rainy weather. I love the long length, keeps your sleeves clean and dry. Yes, we garden in the rain, lots!

  Atlas Therma Fit Gloves. Great gloves for cool weather in spring or fall. These are really cozy and help reduce achy hands from working in the cold.