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Welcome beginner gardeners!

Are you dreading coming home to a messy, overgrown yard, and can't face the expense of paying a professional to maintain it?

Do you fear that you could damage your plants if you tried pruning them yourself?

Do you find power equipment a little intimidating?

Do you feel clueless when it comes to identifying weeds?

Yes, You do have a green thumb!

We hear stories just like yours from our viewers every day. That’s why 321Garden has created a library of easy to follow videos so you can confidently take on your own gardening.
  • This video series contains everything you need for the projects in your yard from start to finish.
  • Each video begins with essential knowledge about starting up machines, what tools you need, and protective equipment.
  • Watch at your own pace and you will finish with a detailed, tidy garden that you maintained all on your own.
  • Discover gardening step by step.

With the help of 321 Garden’s series of videos, you will prove to yourself that you do indeed have a green thumb.

Do It Yourself gardening…made easy.